Finding Support at Princeton

The Princeton experience is rich with opportunities for students to better understand their own skills and interests — including academics, co-curricular activities, research, jobs, internships and more — but it can be difficult to navigate everything. There are multiple people and offices at Princeton available to help you identify opportunities and pursue what is right for you. 

Residential college and academic department staff, faculty and instructors, coaches and many other members of the University community can be great sources of information and support. Learn more about the different kinds of advising available to undergraduate and graduate students.

Students exploring the academic-to-career connection, discovering their interests, seeking jobs/internships, and/or considering graduate/professional can make an appointment with a Center for Career Development adviser. There are no prerequisites to make an appointment and undergraduate and graduate students of all years and interests are welcome. 

Alumni play a critical role in students' development, through their advice, connections and experiences. There are countless other alumni you will encounter during your Princeton experience and afterwards who are happy to help. That is why their stories appear on this site, though this is far from an exhaustive list. We encourage you to contact alumni, both through this site and TigerNet.