Visual, Performance and Fine Arts

The arts are an important part of a Princeton education, and the arts field encompasses a wide variety of career opportunities for Princetonians.

You can find Princeton alumni performing and creating, managing and curating, raising money, managing venues, educating and promoting - all in support of the arts.

Gaining experience

Volunteering, interning and working part-time at arts organizations are all great ways to learn more about this field. Make time to perform, create and participate in the arts. Attend arts-related events and broaden your network to become an active member of your local arts community.

Hiring process and timeline

There is not a typical recruiting timeline for careers in these fields. Most organizations only hire as vacancies occur and are ready to be filled. Networking with alumni and others in the field is essential to learn about opportunities as they arise and to get recommendations.  

Professional organizations and associations

Professional organizations and associations are membership-based groups comprised of people working in a similar field. They can be helpful resources for students to learn more about a field, develop connections and discover related opportunities. You can search for related organizations and associations using a database provided by the Princeton University Library.

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