Entrepreneurship at Princeton is the combination of education, service, leadership and impact, bringing effort and innovation to bear against tough challenges.  

Princeton University embraces and encourages entrepreneurship, offering students opportunities for education and programs with the potential for wide-ranging impact. Much more than solely starting a company, Princeton considers entrepreneurship as:

  • making positive social, economic or cultural impact
  • teaching creativity, innovation and discovery
  • cultivating individual character through learning risk-taking and persistence
  • broadening students’ intellectual interests and career choices
  • promoting interdisciplinary research across campus
  • supporting alumni entrepreneurs and further strengthening alumni connections to student and faculty entrepreneurial activities
Gaining experience

Entrepreneurs come from all industries and interests. Princeton has a wide range of opportunities to engage in entrepreneurial activities through coursework, co-curriculars and student groups. Start to explore options provided by Princeton to gain a better idea of where your interests lie, which will you help identify opportunities you can pursue in the future. 

Identifying and contacting alumni who work in an industry of interest to you is a great way to learn about their career journey and get their advice. Conducting industry research to determine your target organizations and then review postings on their website is the best way to find opportunities for internships or full-time work.  

Hiring process and timeline

Because this field spans multiple types of organizations and roles — or may even involve you starting your own business venture — there is not a single hiring process or timeline. Many organizations typically hire close to the start date for the position. Identifying organizations of interest and then checking their websites regularly or speaking to alumni and experts at Princeton who work there will offer insights into their specific recruiting cycles.

If you are focusing on career opportunities at startups, networking is important. You should start developing relationships with alumni in the space before you start looking for internships and jobs. 

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