Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineers research and develop chemically derived compounds essential to the manufacture of a wide range of products including pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances, and materials like plastic and rubber.

They also develop substances needed for common processes like refining fuel and treating wastewater. In addition to developing chemicals, they are tasked with planning the scalable and efficient production of them. Because of the wide range of industries that rely on products developed by chemical engineers, the types of organizations employing professionals in this field are much broader than most other types of engineering. 

Examples of job titles and roles
  • Chemical engineer
  • Research chemical engineer
  • Materials scientist
  • Production engineer
  • Research and development engineer
Professional organizations and associations

Professional organizations and associations are membership-based groups comprised of people working in a similar field. They can be helpful resources for students to learn more about a field, develop connections and discover related opportunities. An example includes the American Institute of Chemical Engineers

You can search for additional organizations and associations using a database provided by the Princeton University Library

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